Rock Box Theater

Larry Delawder and Russ Hearn tear it up as the Blues Brothers at the Rockbox Theater in Fredericksburg, Texas

Larry Delawder and Russ Hearn tear it up as the Blues Brothers at the Rockbox Theater in Fredericksburg, Texas
Photo credits: Rockbox Theater

Let us reserve your tickets now for on of best-kept secrets in the Texas Hill Country. It may be a secret, but not for long. Enthusiastic word of mouth about a high-energy, talent-packed musical comedy revue in this small German town is spreading faster than butter on a hot strudel.

In the best old-Hollywood tradition of “Let’s turn this furniture store into a theater!” partners Russ Hearn, Mike Kinchen, and Ray Rodgers did just that. The modest storefront off Main Street belies the $1 million, 10,000 square foot, 392-seat theater within.

rockbox theater sonny and cherBut it’s nothing compared to the gold onstage. Cavorting through 60 years of the best of popular music, cast members Hearn, Linda Hearn, Carey Dyer, Dena Dyer, Linda Morgan, Cass Moore, T.J. Smith, Jacob Longoria and Mark Best sing, dance, play instruments, and generally have way too much fun for this to be actual work.

But it is, says head writer and director Russ Hearn. “These are our fulltime jobs, and some of us have been working together for many years.” In fact, most of the cast came from “Granbury Live!” where they performed for seven years before moving lock, stock, and barrel in 2007 to make Fredericksburg their new home. Five technical crew members round out the professional production.


The high-energy, family friendly show is a blend of inspirational sacred and rousing secular songs – sometimes at the same time. There's the usual variety of multigenerational pop, rock, and country tunes.

The unassuming exterior on Llano Street in the heart of downtown Fredericksburg hides a very cool 10,000 square foot, state-of-the-art theatrical facility that has earned a reputation as “the best kept secret” in this popular Hill Country destination. “Tourism here is growing in general,” says Kinchen, “so we're fortunate that 70 percent of our audiences are still new. Fredericksburg attracts 1.4 million visitors a year, so we have the opportunity to get in front of many new people.”

You might be in a small town, but this is big city talent. Good music is good music anywhere – and the music is always good at the Rockbox.